Monday, July 27, 2009

Back to School

As August approaches many of us are getting ready to return to school and our minds go into panic mode as we think of all of the new initiatives that face us. Often, we are eager, but overwhelmed - faced with the challenge of implementing the initiative in our classrooms. How will we find time to plan? Where do we begin?

Maine has invested a great deal of its limited resources in technology and will be moving ahead with 1 to 1 at the high school level this year.

With that in mind, I have spent some time searching the web to find resources to assist teachers. For me, technology is a see and play with it learning paradigm - so I have tried to find a resource that would provide good teacher examples of technology in the classroom.

The one I am sharing today is called Teachers First and was created by Cynthia Shively. Shively has dedicated most of her teaching career to integrating technology in the classroom and was honored by THE Journal for her work in June of this year. In the article they published about her they describe her site as follows:

"The site encompasses proprietary professional and classroom-ready content, as well as thousands of reviewed Web resources that offer a variety of content for all subjects in grades K through 12. According to Shively, TeachersFirst has thousands of members in 50 countries and averages more than 50,000 page views daily.

'We add about two dozen new resources every week,' said Shively. 'Some are created by TeachersFirst staff, and the rest are selected existing Web sites that are not only education-oriented, but also general interest sites that will add value in the classroom.' "

The following link gives you access to a matrix where lesson plans are orgaized by topic and grade level. Take a look. They might be ready made for you or you might get some good ideas.

Teachers First Content Matrix

If you like this resource, sign up for more free teacher resources at: The Source for Learning

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