Monday, August 3, 2009

How Do We Prepare Our Students for the 21st Century with Today's Budget?

Globaly we are experiencing a recession that may last for a long time so we are all faced with reduced budgets in an effort to make ends meet. However, it has never been so imperative to supply our students with the 2t century skills they need to be a viable part of society. Nationally, many educators are trying to address this crisis through education regarding the purpose of technology.

"The goal of this technology in the classroom is not to create smoke and mirrors," said John Hamstra, principal, "but to assist with instruction and to allow our Junior School students access to the necessary skills to compete in a 21st Century global economy."

"Our kids need to be moving forward; technology doesn't stand still just because you can't afford it," Lisa Gross, Kentucky's education cabinet spokeswoman.

Here is a recent article from the Cincinnati Enquirer. Take a minute to read it and think about how you might support technology in your school.

Schools Step Up Technology Curriculum

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