Friday, August 28, 2009

The Role of Social Networking in Schools

During the summer, a debate has been brewing regarding the role social networking should or should not play in schools. We know many of our adolescent students use this resource on a regular basis. However, some schools block access to outside resources such as NING, Google, Bebo, Twitter, Facebook - just to mention a few.

The issues involved in this are many and specific to the community - school and geographic - teachers work in . Therefore, I have tried to list a limited number of arguments that I believe are well thought out and presented in the hopes that those of you visiting this blog will read these and share your opinions and experiences. Thanks, Darlene

1.) has just published a review of a social network created specifically for teachers. It is called Better Lesson.The purpose of this network is to provide teachers with support - in curriculum, in planning, and in adapting to their roles. As, Erin Osborn, field director for Better Lesson said, "We want people to stay teaching longer than two years." This article outlines many of the positive aspects teacher site for using social networking in their classrooms.

2.) Most Faculty Don't Use Twitter, Study Reveals is an article written by David Nagel and published on Campus Technology. This article reviews the study of higher level teachers and explores the pros and cons teachers site for their choices regarding the use of social networking online. I think this is a well written summary of the opposing views existing in education today.

Take a look and tell us what you think:)

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