Sunday, August 30, 2009

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TeachersFirst Update - August 31, 2009

Special People and Special Occasions

Editors' Choices: Special Occasion Ideas for the Classroom

Globetracker's Mission Begins September 27
Globetracker's Mission Learn more here.

Daily Hooks
Dates That Matter reveals a new piece of history

every day, projector or whiteboard-ready for your

middle and early high school students.

Be Prepared
TeachersFirst offers a

collection of "editors' choice" Swine Flu resources

Getting Organized
Back to School time is the season for organizers:

organize your assignments, your lesson plans,

your closet, and your life! What better time to

take advantage of TeachersFirst's

free membership

and tools to organize your Favorite finds from

our over 10,000 resources?

Munching for New Ideas

Staff Development:)

In late September, you will be ready for

a just-for-you "snack" after school.

Join us for OK2Ask, TeachersFirst's live,

online "snack sessions" for self-directed

teacher professional development and

exploration. Mark your calendar and

pre-register NOW:

Find It, Use It: Exploring the Resources

of TeachersFirst to Plan Effective,

Technology-Infused Lessons; Tuesday,

Sept 29, 2009, at your choice of two

time slots.

Read the details and preregister here.

This Week's Question of the Week

Are you on Facebook? If so, do you limit

your Facebook presence to a professional or

personal side? How do you prevent or

handle potential crossover? Share your

response to this Question of the Week.

Remember to check "anonymous," if you wish.

See what other teachers have to say, as

well. You can always see responses to past

questions by clicking to see the Question archives.

Featured Sites
This week's featured sites include fabulous

finds for many subjects.

May everyone in your classroom work the wrinkles out soon so life is more comfortable.

Your "teacher to go,"
Candace Hackett Shively
Director of K-12 Initiatives

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