Monday, September 14, 2009

From Generation YES by Dennis Harper

Back to School Tech Tool Roundup
Back to school means new pencils, new rulers, and new notebooks, right? Well how about stocking up on some 21st century versions of back to school tools? And yes - all FREE!
  • Etherpad - collaborative documents with no login or email necessary. Has a cool timeslider feature so you can watch your document as it changed over time.
  • Scratch - an easy to learn programming language for ages 8 and up. Programming is simply one of the best learning experiences for students. It builds logic, higher order thinking skills, and really, it's just plain fun!
  • Audacity - an oldie but a goodie. A really useful audio recording and editing tool that can be used for any kind of multimedia project.
  • Wikispaces - educators can sign up for a free, ad-free wiki for classroom or personal use.
  • Gaggle Student Email - free email and more. Gaggle has been a Generation YES partner for years, and our schools love the easy to use, protected email for students.
  • Google Earth - if you haven't seen Google Earth lately, take a peek! Google Earth is a super-charged version of the web-based Google Maps. Take a tour of the earth, space, moon, or undersea, or add 3D buildings with SketchUp.
  • Prezi - tired of boring old one-slide-at-a-time slideshows? Try zooming instead. If some of your students have "done PowerPoint" - let them try Prezi. It might make you dizzy, but the kids should pick it up pretty quickly!
  • Zamar - easy online file conversion. Not only does Zamzar convert document and graphic file formats, but also movie formats. It even can save YouTube and other online movies to files for use at a later date.
And if you are looking for a technology class curriculum that is project-based and up to date, check out the all new TechYES TLC - Technology Literacy Curriculum.

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