Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kindles - What do you think?

Many educators are eager to move ahead to kindles, but this article makes us pause and think.  Amazon did a survey of 200 college students this past fall and found that while there were many pluses, some of the features still needed work.  I think the article is written very well and presents some good points.

Please take a minute and let us know what you think:)

Kindle shows promise but needs improvement, say students
Students liked having access to a semester's worth of reading in one book-sized device but did not like taking notes on its keyboard, according to feedback from college students using the Kindle e-reading device. Kindle devices loaded with digital textbooks were provided to 200 college students this fall by Amazon, which hopes to adapt the technology for academic textbooks. According to the students, other areas for improvement include bookmark organization and pagination that corresponds to the hard-copy textbooks. Google/The Associated Press (10/13)

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