Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Netbooks or Laptops?

With Maine's MLTI initiative, we are once again focusing on the technology available to us through laptops.  The state has invested a great deal of money in purchasing laptops and providing training in this area as well.

However, some schools have opted for netbooks due to the lower costs.  Here is an article that exams the pros and cons of netbooks in light of today's students' needs.  I think it is well done and will help inform any of you faced with this decision.

Netbooks are cost-effective, but do they meet student needs?
Educators are debating the usefulness of small, low-cost netbooks in the classroom. Some say netbooks can be more cost-effective than traditional computers -- making it easier for students at disadvantaged schools to have access to technology. However, others say the machines are limited and do not meet all of students' educational needs. eSchool News (10/8) , eSchool News (10/8)

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