Saturday, November 14, 2009

Featuring Generation YES!

Generation YES is an excellent resource for teachers who want to learn more about information literacy and how to integrate technology into their classrooms.

Here are some recommended blog sites from their November Newsletter.  Enjoy!

Ed-tech Blog Roundup
In the last newsletter we did a "back to school" technology tool list that turned out to be very popular!

This issue, we are showcasing some of the blogs we like (besides our own GenYES blog) about education reform, student voice, and technology.
Bridging Differences Diane Ravitch and Deborah Meier This blog is a treasure. These two experts disagree about much in education. But they have a cogent, civilized conversation about it in their posts. It's what every conversation online or off should aspire to be.
Stager-to-Go Gary Stager - opinionated, outspoken advocate for children and authentic technology use. Says things that need to be said, but are typically only whispered to your closest friends.
Blue Skunk Blog Doug Johnson - funny and real, authentic librarian/technologist voice from the trenches.
Practical Theory Chris Lehmann - Principal of the Science Leadership Academy, Chris grounds his innovative leadership and ed tech ideas in a deep understanding of pedagogy, progressive teaching, and ethics.
Learning is Messy Brian Crosby - real stories that illustrate the ups and downs of the classroom.
YoungerWorld Adam Fletcher -- The blog connects to a number of incredible resources all focused on supporting youth voice.
Classroom 2.0 - Actually, this is a Ning social network, but contains blogs and forums. It's a great environment for teachers new to ed tech and looking to expand their personal learning network.
ASCD Newsblast - a thoughtful selection and commentary on education headlines.
We'd love to see more blogs from GenYES and TechYES students and teachers! Send in your links and we'll put them in the next email newsletter.

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