Sunday, December 20, 2009

New from IRA

Taken from IRA.  This link is new.  IRA has begun publishing monthly updates.  They are excellent.  I have basted the link right here because I know many of my viewers will have macs.  I hope you can find the time to listen to this - maybe while you are wrapping:)  This piece touches on our redefinition of literacy due to the use of technology and the strategies involved.


IRA Reading Radio

IRA Reading Radio airs monthly on the BAM! Radio Network, a radio website for the education community. In each installment, IRA Executive Director William Harvey interviews an expert on a key topic relating to reading education.
Attention Mac users: The IRA Reading Radio program and other BAM! radio programs are formatted to be played using Windows Media Player. The BAM! Radio Network recommends the following downloads for Mac users:

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