Friday, December 4, 2009

Writing Collaboratively With Technology - an Equalizer?

During a recent high school coaching visit, I observed a teacher using in order to have students in the class construct a timeline together.  All students were focused and worked hard, conscious of their peers eyes on them.  When talking to teachers who use this type of collaboration, they often observe their students performing at a higher level in response to the immediacy and reality of their peer audience.

The following article explores another perspective on the use of technology for collaboration.  It is well written and thought provoking.
Classroom wikis are collaborative tools for young writers
Young writers at a Massachusetts middle school are using online wikis, or collaborative Web sites, to share and revise written work in a group setting. A recent class wiki project featured fall poems written by sixth-grade students who collaborated on revisions to each other's work. Even shy students are empowered to participate, language-arts teacher Neil Kulick said. "The wiki is an equalizer in classroom participation," he said. The Boston Globe

In this age of a shrinking globe, collaboration is becoming a  essential, universal strategy for individual and national survival.  Take a few minutes and let us know what you think.

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