Sunday, April 5, 2009

Looking for Educational Games to Help Students?

Funbrain to Go
Download Funbrain games to your computer so your students can access them anytime, anywhere. Try Math Baseball, a beloved Math computation game used by thousands of students daily. Introduce your class to Planet Zug so they can expand their vocabulary. Or build eye-hand coordination and strategy skills with Power Gobbler.
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RRS Feeds Techtorial

ReaderEducationWorld Techtorial: Understanding RSS Feeds
In this techtorial, you'll learn how to subscribe to an RSS Reader (also called a news aggregator), add an RSS feed to your reader, check for updates, and how RSS feeds can benefit the K-12 teacher and classroom.

On line Chatting Encourages Social Interaction!

Let's get personal: Tips to humanize online learning
In their session "Let's Get Virtual: Tips to Humanize Online Learning," University of South Dakota professors Doreen Gosmire, Marcia Morrison and Joanne Van Osdel presented one of the upsides to online learning -- online discussion ensures that all students contribute in class discussions. Introverted students are more likely to come forth in online discussions to express their understanding of, and interest in, the subject. An ASCD blog post highlights benefits of online group discussions. The post also asks readers whether they have taught online, and, if so, how they humanized the learning exchange.

Join this blog and share your thoughts on increasing student interactions - pros and cons - by using online chatting - through blogs, etc.

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Meaningful Technology Integration, Boost Student Scores

A long term study has just been published to look at the effects of meaningful technology integration in core subjects. Please take time to read it. It validates much of what we are doing as a committee and our vision for the future of the students we serve.

Kudos for all you do for teachers and students alike,

Thursday, April 2, 2009


bonsai tree

We have been discussing the ins and outs of using wikkis in the classroom. Here is an excellent article that will help us think this issue through. You can find the link on the left under blogs.


Resources for Poetry

With the advent of spring, many teachers intensify their work with poetry. Edu Hound has some excellent sites listed at the following address - just for poetry.

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Enjoy and think spring:) - Darlene

Recommended Book

Edited by: David Gibson, University of Vermont, USA; Youngkyun Baek, Korea National University of Education, Korea

Artificial instructional methods now provide the learning community with exercise specific teaching skills and learning situations that strengthen educator instincts and intuition about best practices.

Digital Simulations for Improving Education: Learning Through Artificial Teaching Environments contains research and current trends used in digital simulations of teaching, surveying the uses of games and simulations in teacher education. An essential resource for teachers, educational technologists, and simulation developers, this book helps solve problems in teaching and learning through introduction of the potential and benefits of practice with digital simulations.