Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pilot Update - Collecting Data

With the beginning of the new year, much is happening with the literacy and technology pilot.  Our summer work is now coming to fruition.  

Beginning in May we will be offering a course, EDU 593, based on teacher feedback and research we reviewed this summer.  The course is called Guided Inquiry and will focus on 21st century strategies - the link between literacy and technology.

In the meantime, we are still crafting other parts of the grant.  Data collection is one of our end products.  We decided this summer to look at writing, reading, and critical thinking.  

After meeting with teachers, we are all leaning towards the 6+1 traits rubric published by NWREL to measure the writing. We are basing our choice on the following information:

  1. the rubic used is based on sound research and extensive use nationally,
  2. the elements it measures are independent of the format or topic being discussed, so should transfer to blog or e-mail writing,
  3. the rubrics are developmental, allowing for cross grade comparison,
  4. the Jay and Winthrop school districts (participants in the pilot) are using this instructional framework, so it will be an easy transition.
However, we decided early on that we wanted the data as clean as possible.  So, we are concentrating on creating a survey to be used by teachers to collect other data on students that might impact writing results, i.e. home computer use, etc.  So far, I have visited several classrooms and have begun to create the survey - it will be done on google documents.  This will give us another lens to view the information collected from the rubric and look for possible correlations.  Although time consuming, it will give our data credibility.

The part we are struggling with right now, is how we will identify and measure the literacy strategies needed to use the computer.  To some extent, this is new ground, so I am once again returning to classrooms to observe, talk to students, and teachers - and then research. This process should be completed by the middle of February.

Whatever we create, will be used during the course as well and will help us with overall data collection.

Friday,  I will post my visit to Hattie Deraps' classrooms.  Stay tuned!  We have some exciting information to share!!

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