Sunday, January 10, 2010

Saving Time in the New Year! - Teacher's First!

Many teachers are eager to use the resources the web offers them.  Many are also new to the web and often feel overwhelmed by the amount of information involved.    There is so much and teachers are unsure of the quality of what they are accessing.  Teachers First is a FREE resource that provides teachers with:
  1. resources about upcoming holidays, historical events
  2. resources for appropriate grade level curriculum in all contents
  3. online training for available technology in the classrooms
  4. a community to share opinions and teaching ideas
I highly recommend this site.  Every resource they recommend has been reviewed and screened by a number of teachers.  

Here are some places you will want to visit. 

Finding, Labeling, and Organizing
As you arrange and rearrange curriculum units, projects, etc. around testing dates, assemblies, breaks (and snow days!), save yourself some time by collecting and organizing reviewed resources from TeachersFirst. If you are not a member or have not used TF's member Favorites to "tag" resources by unit or curriculum topic, January is the perfect time to join (FREE) and get organized. Think of us as the technology equivalent of those movable stickynote labels being advertised on TV - but for FREE!

Featured Sites
This week's featured sites include helpful tools, timely options, and more:
  • Healthy choices for bodies and teeth
  • Sites to reflect on decades and years past
  • A handy tool for classroom charts
  • A tool to view web pages without all the clutter
  • Funny Fads
  • Great resources for advanced math and chemistry
  • and more, as well as other "recent additions" (click at the bottom of the page)

OK2Ask: January Double-Header and February Whiteboards
OK2Ask is TeachersFirst's series of free online "snack sessions" for teacher professional development and exploration. Read the session descriptions and register now for upcoming offerings. Then put a sticky note on your lesson plan book or set a computer calendar alarm so you remember to attend!
Wanna wiki? Register NOW (by Tuesday, January 12) to kick-start your own class wiki during this two-meeting Guided Wiki Walk, from OK2Ask.
Guided Wiki Walk:  Step by step to create your own classroom wiki
Thursday January 14 and 28, 4:00-5:15 pm EST BOTH days or
Thursday January 14 and 28, 7:00- 8:15 pm EST BOTH days
Want to use your interactive whiteboard wisely? Join our new OK2Ask offering:
Whiteboards and the Web: Strategies for student-centered learning
Tuesday, February 16, 2010; 4:00-5:15 pm OR 7:00-8:15 pm EST

Planning ahead?
Martin Luther King Day is just around the corner, and the 100th Day of School is shortly after that. Find offerings for these and many other upcoming events quickly from our clickable Classroom Planning Calendar or search specifics via our keyword search (be sure to read the hints!). Secondary teachers will find more sophisticated offerings for specific curriculum dates, as well.
Bite into Dental Health
Sink your teeth into Dental Health Month (February). If your curriculum includes body systems, hygiene, or basics of dental health, be sure to preview TeachersFirst's Resources for Dental Health to use with students and in your school newsletter/web page to promote healthy smiles. You will want to save this one as a Favorite for back-to-school health screening season, too.
Student Teacher?
January often brings new staff or student teachers. Be supportive by sharing helpful ideas and resources from TeachersFirst with your newbie neighbor. Be sure to tell him/her about your favorite areas of TeachersFirst: the Edge, the Classroom Planning Calendar, tools for In the Trenches, Dates That Matter, our many units, or the entire site. Send the newbies to the two minute tour from the New to Our Site? link on our home page. Maybe your newbie neighbor will cover a recess or study hall to thank you(?)

Speaking of Sharing
You may have noticed the addition of a handy "Share" option next to site reviews and other features on TeachersFirst. Just click to send a link for that review or page via email, Facebook, Delicious. Diigo, Twitter, and others. As we continue adding this feature throughout our site, we hope it will save you time passing along tools and ideas to other Thinking Teachers. Not a high-tech sharing person? Just share this address: ! We rely on word of mouth from teachers just like you as our non-profit "advertising."
On the Trail
Geo and Meri spend some time on a very famous trail this week. Read the full story on Globetracker's Mission as your students learn geography, map skills, landforms, and more.
 Enjoy!  -  and Happy New Year!!  D:)

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