Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Third Grade Project!

Our two new members, Elaine and Bill,  have decided to team on a project between third grades in Jay and Winthrop.   These two schools are demographically similar to many of our schools in Maine, so we are sharing the project on this blog in hopes others will benefit from our experience.

As third graders, students have access to computers on a limited basis.  Elaine takes her students to the computer lab once a week, while Bill was able to collect some older laptops the system replaced with newer ones.  Both systems have laptops at the middle school.

Keyboarding starts at the third grade level.

      Here is our plan.                                                                                  

Given the age and vulnerability of our students, we have decided to enroll both schools in the e-pals program.

We will start communicating with one another by scheduling one day a week - we are thinking in February -  and a time to e-mail one another.  We are thinking teachers will assign pairs.

We have great plans after this, but are being cautious.

This sounds so easy, but we are finding there is a great deal involved and we will post this info as we go along:)

Right now we have gone as far as locating computers, matching up teachers and students, signing up for e-pals, and setting a date for our next meeting.

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