Friday, January 29, 2010

Welcome Our Newest Member - Jake Bogar

Welcome to Jake Bogar.  We are delighted he is joining us as a member of our committee.  He is using technology in his classroom to further his students' comprehension of the content area by providing them with learning experiences to further develop habits of the mind (Costa).  Jake, we applaud you and look forward to learning from you.
Jake Bogar has been teaching in Western Maine for about a decade. As a father of a young family, he is interested in how young children, as well as his secondary students, develop and learn.  He is currently responsible for some physics and engineering design courses and advising the student council at the Mt. Blue Regional School District.  He seeks to create student experiences that are meaningful and relevant.

Jake is insatiably curious and conservatively optimistic about how emerging technologies and thinking strategies will affect individuals and institutions. He has been investigating this in a Master's degree program at UMF with Mt. Blue High School colleagues and students.

In the winter he can be found skiing on at Titcomb Mountain, USA with his family and in the summer he is never too far from a lake or river.
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