Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Committee Update, February 10, 2010

     Our third grade team, Elaine and Bill, are busy getting ready for their project on e-pals.  Elaine has enrolled her students and all of them have sent her a message and she has returned one.  The students love it:)  Bill's kids should be up and running after break.  This process is much more involved than presented during the trainings for e-pals.  Anyone considering using this program needs to check with the tech coordinator regarding capacity as well as registering students.

The committee has selected the rubrics to be used for our pilot data.  We will be posting them as soon as they have been finalized.  I think they are rubrics everyone will be able to adopt in their classrooms.

     Thanks to the generosity of Title 2, we will be presenting a series of webinars in March and April.  Presenters will be classroom teachers who will share their instructional strategies and student work.  Our teachers will represent grades 3-12 in a variety of content areas. You will love this.  The teachers are using the technology in a way to further strategies used on text and the student results have been excellent as well as the engagement!   More later:)

Enjoy your February break.  Check our blog.  We will be posting:)
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