Saturday, February 13, 2010

Survey for Pilot

A few weeks ago, we finalized one of the surveys we have been working with to try and develop "digital" background for some of the students we are planning to look at during our pilot.  Hattie has administered the following survey to her students during her midterms. 
      One of the most important issues we need to address when we are drawing correlations between technology and literacy is the total amount of time - in and out of school - students have access to and are using technology.  We know that early expose to reading and reading outside of school has a direct correlation to students' ability to read - and we are suspecting the same of our tech savy students:)  When school is back in session, we will be meeting to review the data and will let you know about any trends we observe.
  You can create your own survey and analyze the data you collect by going to google docs and following the directions.  It is easy!


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