Monday, March 29, 2010

Welcome to Our Newest Member!

 Kim Morin, Integrative Technology Specialist for the Winthrop School District, is a reflective, forward thinking professional.  Unlike many technology integrators, Kim has spent time as a teacher, working at the Leavitt high school as a math and computer teacher.  This gives her a special understanding of classroom teachers and is evident when you talk to her.  She honors teachers and wants to meet their needs - understanding teachers must be comfortable with technology before they can use it as well as finding a real purpose for technology in their teaching
The implementation design in the Winthrop Public Schools has been based on these key understandings.
  1. Each school has a technology integrator to assist teachers in their classrooms - not just the computer lab. Integrators support teachers by providing resources, training, planning with them, and team teaching - as well as providing time in the computer lab for students.
  2. Staff development is consistent and teacher based.  
    • Teachers teach teachers - sharing the use of technology in their classrooms.  This type of networking has proved very effective.  
    • Time is also provided during staff development days for teachers to meet and discuss ways to   implement technology into their curriculum - in order to benefit students.
Kim's educational philosophy reflects her concern for individual needs.  She believes technology creates opportunities for true constructivism in education by providing avenues for all students to learn - including students with challenges.  This should be the basis for the technology curriculum - reaching each child regardless of learning style or learning challenges.  Kim is committed to this goal and will be investigating the  possibilities as she concludes her Doctorate in Education - majoring in instructional design and specializing in on-line learning.  
We are delighted Kim has agreed to join us and look forward to her input.  Thanks, Kim.
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