Monday, April 26, 2010

May 6 - Perspectives on Blogging by Hattie Deraps and Jake Bogar

Blogging is one of the most beneficial, but frequently overlooked uses of technology available to educators and students.  Used within a classroom framework focused on higher level thinking skills, blogs prepare students for the 21st century. 
This is not the same things as writing.   

               Two high school teachers, one Alt Ed English and one physics/engineering 
               teacher, share their experiences in using blogs with high school students. 
               The pros and cons, challenges and successes of blogging will be shared.  
               Student perspectives will be included. - Participants will be encouraged to                 offer suggestions and ideas.       Presenters: 

  Hattie Deraps,  alternative ed. English teacher

Jake Bogar, physics/engineering teacher

Date:  May 6, 2010 
Time: 3:15-4:15 PM
Telephone Number:  1-866-910-4857

Pass code:  985399
Blogging provides students with:
1.  Engagement: (Take a look at this data provided by a high school class at Mt. Blue.) Many students use their computer independently and have access to the internet at home.

2.  Aunthenticity of Task:  Students want to have an immediate audience and use technology (including their computers) for communicating with their peers.
3.  Collaboration: Communicating with their peers means sharing or collaborating when thoughtful comments are posted on blogs.  Teaming -  debriefing, sharing, summarizing - provides another level of collaboration.
4. Literacy Strategies are strengthened through the use of laptops
5.  Information Processing: can be taught through laptops.  This is extremely important in the age of information and is critical when we consider that most students dislike and can not read nonfiction on grade level by the time they reach high school.
 Following is a summary of comments from students on the pros and cons of laptops (metacognitive reflections).
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