Thursday, July 15, 2010


Thanks to Barbara Moody,  we have just been awarded year 3 of our title ll grant. 

Thanks to all who contributed so much over the last two years. 

Our work is making a difference for Maine students!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Reading

I am on the road again and so I have some time to sit and read.  I have found a great book that I am sharing with you.  It is titled, brain-based learning:) in the digital age by Marilee Sprenger - published by ASCD, 2010.  It is available on

I really love this book.  At first, I was afraid it might be too dry or too elementary, but the information Marilee shares is not grade specific.  She has researched the information thoroughly and explains the changes the brain is undergoing in easy to understand terms.

What I found most enjoyable, is her approach to supporting the whole child through education by looking at the pros and cons of technology.  She speaks clearly about the need to develop social skills including the ability to collaborate as a result of reduced social interaction on the internet.

She opens her book with the following quote.

"What is technology doing to the brain?  The importance of 21st century skills coupled with what research has discovered about the brain creates an opportunity to combine brain-compatible strategies that will work with out diverse population.  Both digital natives and digital immigrants must survive and thrive in this very connected world."

Time to read this books is time well spent.  You will find that the suggestions she makes are excellent and can be used in your classroom ASAP.  Enjoy!