Thursday, August 26, 2010

Google Apps in the Classroom!

Many students use google when using their computer for personal reasons.  Google apps are free for all schools and offer many advantages.  They can be used in house - with restricted access to the outside world.  A great new books is now available to help teachers consider the use of google apps in the classroom.

Retool Your School

by James Lerman
 • Read the Table of Contents
• Read the Chapter Excerpts Authors James Lerman and Ronique Hicks, and eight other Google Certified Teachers, show you why Google Applications are the best free online learning tools available today. You will discover how students and educators can collaborate with Google Documents, how the forms application allows teachers to create instant-feedback quizzes, how a literature class can take lit trips with Google Maps, how parents can view student work thanks to websites created with Google Sites, how iGoogle can help everyone develop personal learning networks, and so much more. The possibilities are endless-and the applications are free.
Retool Your School begins with an inspirational and achievable story that illustrates how Google Applications and good leadership transformed a school facing closure to one that in just one year is seen as a model of success. The book then dives into step-by-step directions on how to use multiple applications, detailing the benefits they provide to many aspects of education and school management. More than 40 lesson plans for elementary, middle, and high school will help you get started while the book's many ideas and supplemental resources show how to implement these tools to transform communication, collaboration, and creativity in your school and classroom. Don't miss the special chapter on how to bring the Education Edition directly to your school or district.

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