Saturday, September 25, 2010

Education Nation on Learning in the 21st Century

This promises to be an informational series that you would enjoy watching.  Join in on the town hall link at the bottom of the page and give feedback.
The Education Nation event kicks off with a Teacher Town Hall*, hosted by NBC News anchor Brian Williams, airing live on MSNBC this Sunday, September 26, at 12 p.m. EDT. The summit continues through the week, featuring:
  • An address by Gen. Colin Powell, founding chairman of America’s Promise Alliance.
  • A series of exhibits at Rockefeller Plaza introducing the public to the lifelong effects of education and the innovations available to future generations.
  • Twelve specialized summits on important issues such as technology, teacher training, and workforce readiness. Dr. David Livermore, a cultural intelligence expert who has been working closely with People to People Ambassadors, has been invited to participate in the Study Abroad summit.

What you can do
Please join us in this vital effort. First, tune in to NBC broadcasts throughout the coming week to inform yourself about developments in education for the 21st century. Then, determine where you can make a difference, whether it’s volunteering in your local public school or championing changes to policies and standards.

*Educators, take note: You have the opportunity to lend your own influence to this important conversation. Whether you are a delegation leader or a friend of People to People, we encourage you to log in to the Teacher Town Hall on Sunday by registering here

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