Thursday, August 26, 2010

Google Apps in the Classroom!

Many students use google when using their computer for personal reasons.  Google apps are free for all schools and offer many advantages.  They can be used in house - with restricted access to the outside world.  A great new books is now available to help teachers consider the use of google apps in the classroom.

Retool Your School

by James Lerman
 • Read the Table of Contents
• Read the Chapter Excerpts Authors James Lerman and Ronique Hicks, and eight other Google Certified Teachers, show you why Google Applications are the best free online learning tools available today. You will discover how students and educators can collaborate with Google Documents, how the forms application allows teachers to create instant-feedback quizzes, how a literature class can take lit trips with Google Maps, how parents can view student work thanks to websites created with Google Sites, how iGoogle can help everyone develop personal learning networks, and so much more. The possibilities are endless-and the applications are free.
Retool Your School begins with an inspirational and achievable story that illustrates how Google Applications and good leadership transformed a school facing closure to one that in just one year is seen as a model of success. The book then dives into step-by-step directions on how to use multiple applications, detailing the benefits they provide to many aspects of education and school management. More than 40 lesson plans for elementary, middle, and high school will help you get started while the book's many ideas and supplemental resources show how to implement these tools to transform communication, collaboration, and creativity in your school and classroom. Don't miss the special chapter on how to bring the Education Edition directly to your school or district.

Great News from Edublog! Student e-mail addresses no longer necessary!

Pretty Edublogs logo - turn on image to see


As much of the world is heading back to school this month, we have an exciting new feature at Edublogs that is sure to make it even easier to get students up and blogging this school year.

You will be happy to hear that Edublogs no longer requires users to have an email address!

We hope that removing this barrier will allow more teachers to add students as users to their blogs and makes creating student blogs even easier.

When signing up on, just leave the email address boxes blank and we take care of the rest. Users can add their email address later should they like.

You will also notice that we now allow you to create your own password right from the start!

This will eliminate the need to receive a confirmation email before getting started and hopefully minimize forgotten passwords by students.

These improvements, along with our recent addition of an 'Easy blogging' dashboard interface, are a direct result of user feedback, and all part of our commitment to being the most student friendly blogging platform available.

From all of us at Edublogs, here's to a fantastic school year!

The Edublogs Team
Starting in September!
- Participate in a 10 week global blogging challenge
- Improve your blogging skills and build global connections

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Some Great Ideas and Possible Blog Resource for Starting up School


It is now easier than ever to find blogs from all over the web in our new international edublogs directory!

Only officially launched for a couple of days, and the directory already contains hundreds of blogs divided into 14 different categories.

What's more, you can visit the directory and get a quick view of what the included blogs look like, and the most recent posts, so you can quickly find a blog that interests you.

What can I do with the directory?

Connect with teacher, class and student blogs from all over the world.

Increase awareness of your blog and build your readership.

Can I add my blog?

It's easy, too.

Visit the short form here to submit your blog. Don't forget to grab one of the badges (like the one right above) and add it to your sidebar too if you'd like! 


The Edublogs Team
Starting in September!
- Participate in a 10 week global blogging challenge
- Improve your blogging skills and build global connections

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More Thoughts on Wordle

Recently, I reviewed this powerpoint on the uses of Wordle.  I was really impressed with it and decided to use some of the ideas.  Since I had just finished a two day work shop with teachers I created a wordle with their reflections.  It was quick and easy - as well as effective.  Here is the wordle for the last day.

It represents our day accurately.  
This is a great way to build community as well as focus understanding of curriculum.