Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Coming Soon! A great new resource!

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The Source for Learning (SFL), a Reston-based educational technologies corporation, has launched a new web site: SFLMedia.com (http://www.sflmedia.com). The site provides a comprehensive selection of nearly 10,000 instructional video segments for K-12 teachers and families. SFL has licensed the content from leading distributors of instructional programming.

SFLMedia is unique because it displays video search results alongside relevant selections from more than 12,000 web resource reviews from its sister site, TeachersFirst.com. SFL's President and CEO, Steve Gorski, said, "SFL has recognized the instructional value of both video and web content since the launch of TeachersFirst.com in 1998. By combining the two, SFLMedia can now offer schools and families a powerful tool that both enhances learning and simplifies instructional planning for busy teachers. "

SFL will first make SFLMedia available to teachers who work in locations served by SFL's Educational Broadband Service channels. These include twenty-two markets in thirteen states and the District of Columbia. A list of these cities is available at: http://www.sourceforlearning.org/services.cfm?id=16. Teachers interested in participating in the initial launch from one of these locations can find more information on the SFLMedia site: http://www.sflmedia.com/. When the initial launch phase is complete, SFLMedia will be available nationally.

SFLMedia is the fifth in SFL's family of web sites: TeachersFirst.com for K-12 teachers; TeachersAndFamilies.com for families of school-age children; PreschoolFirst.com for early childhood professionals; and GrowUpLearning.com for parents with children from infancy through age five and a half. Information on all SFL's sites is available at http://www.sourceforlearning.org.

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