Monday, May 16, 2011

Should students use their own mobile devices in the classroom?

A great read for all educators!  This proposal has some interesting possibilities.

School policies that allow students to use their own mobile-technology devices in the classroom are becoming more popular as educators look for ways to introduce one-to-one computing. Research on one-to-one laptop programs suggests the benefits of mobile-learning initiatives might include better attendance, more educational resources and improved achievement. Some educators are concerned about students becoming distracted by the devices, but others say the novelty wears off and is replaced by higher engagement in academic uses. eSchool News

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Barb said...

I definitely have mixed feelings about the use of mobile devices in the classroom. But at what age is that appropriate? What do you do when you have students that dont have a mobile device? The article said that many times the kids get bored with the device after awhile but from what I have seen, this is their lifeline...I guess I am in the middle somewhere, worried about the kids being distracted but then again using the device in ways to engage the kids. Some phones can be used to answer questions as in the "clickers">