Saturday, December 31, 2011

Free Live, Online Training Sessions from Teachers First!

Resolve to spend some "me" time in January with OK2Ask™. Three sessions include a new offering on TeachersFirst's free member timesavers, one to start a class wiki, and a look at the Best of the Best. These live, online "snack sessions" are perfect  in your sweats on a cold evening. And they are FREE! See the full OK2Ask schedule. Sign up now:
Great Timesavers: Tools and tips to maximize TeachersFirst's free membership; January 12, 2012; Read the details and register 

The Best of the Best: A tour of 6-10 TeachersFirst Editors' Choice resources with in-depth ideas for how to use them; January 23, 2012; Read the details and register 

Guided Wiki Walk:Step by step to create your own classroom wiki (TWO session workshop with "homework" between); Jan 30 AND Feb 6, 2012; Read the details and register

Monday, December 26, 2011

How to help teachers find online resources for lessons

Great article on how to find specific online resources for use in your lessons in the classroom.

High-school English teacher and technology-integration specialist Nicholas Provenzano offers four suggestions for educators who need online resources to support their lessons. He suggests asking questions that help narrow down the search, sharing the results of a Google search on a particular lesson topic, using social-bookmarking tools to develop collections of resources and consulting other professionals using Twitter. Provenzano's blog (

Thursday, December 15, 2011

You Tube Free Eucational Videos!! Courtesy of E School News

December 14th, 2011
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YouTube launches a section just for schools

Although there are lots of educational videos on YouTube, there are also many videos that aren’t appropriate for students—which is why many schools block access to YouTube from their networks. To solve this problem, YouTube has created a special section for schools, filled with age-appropriate educational content.
YouTube for Schools gives users access to the hundreds of thousands of educational videos on YouTube EDU. This includes short lessons from top teachers around the world, full courses from the world’s best universities, professional development from fellow educators, and inspiring videos from thought leaders.
Educators also can customize the content that is available from the site. Though all schools receive access to all of the content on YouTube EDU, teachers and administrators can log in to and create playlists of videos that will be available at their school.
School teachers and administrators can log in and watch any video, but students cannot log in and can only watch YouTube EDU videos and videos their school has added. All comments and related videos are disabled, and search is limited to YouTube EDU videos.
YouTube also has created a page for teachers,, to help them learn to use the site as a powerful educational tool.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

School districts to weigh in on developing best practices in digital media

Leveraging Technology to Close the Achievement Gap: As America’s K–12 online education leader, K12 partnered with Project Tomorrow to survey over 3,000 education leaders on which technology initiatives have the greatest potential to help schools overcome critical student challenges. Get your free copy of our exclusive white paper.